Peach Wood Beard Comb

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    • Anti-static properties with a gentle massage
    • The perfect size of 3.9*2.1 inches, Perfect for Pocket or Travel
    • Curved ergonomic design makes grooming a breeze
    • Trains your facial hair to grow in a certain direction
    • Helps clean out any debris from your beard


    • Size: 3.9*2.1 inches
    • Material: Peach Wood

    Full Description:

    Quality Peach Wood Beard Comb natural aromatic Beard Comb. Anti-static properties and a gentle massage. It's a natural way to manage your hair whether on your face or your scalp. The perfect size of 3.9*2.1 inches, Perfect for Pocket or Travel.

    Using a quality Peach Wood Beard Comb can make the difference between a coarse, rough beard and a nicely groomed, soft one. The green aromatic wood is a perfect wood for lasting durability with proper care. It's a thick well made sturdy comb that should last a lifetime with proper care.

    For a long time and in Chinese medicine’s history, peach is regarded as the symbol of longevity and favored by the kings and emperors.

    The hardness, fine texture and water-resistant nature of peach makes it an ideal choice for making combs, and thus can be used for both wet and dry hairs.

    In comparison to using other combs with wet hair, Peach Wood combs tends to glide easily through the tangles, without causing hair fall and damage.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Chase O'Shields
    Great little comb!

    Lightweight, takes up barely any space; was super ecstatic that it came in black!

    Willie Runolfsson

    Mail has arrived in destination country, but does not come to my address, did not receive the parcel, but this is the problem of our stupid Ukr Mail

    Emilio Dach

    Same as the description, fast shipping.

    Shayne Beer

    Pretty, small, the teeth are smooth.

    Darby Conn

    Compact and convenient