About Us

Welcome to Trident Beard Co.

...the home of the modern day bearded professional.

Who says a beard can’t be professional?  Not us.

A beard can transform not only your look, but your very demeanor – bolstering confidence, fortifying determination, and asserting resolve.  A well cared for beard sends a message of strength and self-assuredness in much the same way a well-tailored suit does.  Though years of unfortunate stereotypes driven by unkempt and disheveled lumberjack and hipster wannabes have given beard-lovers a less than stellar reputation, Trident Beard Co. is here to tell you in absolutely no uncertain terms:  We can make your beard Board Room ready.

Founded in 2020 out of Indian Trail, North Carolina – Trident Beard Co. offers exceptional beard grooming products and accessories for the professional man.  With expert advice, high-quality products, and a deep desire to help our clients cultivate healthy and stunning beards and mustaches, Trident Beard Co. offers a unique online boutique that caters to men who are passionate about proper beard care and upkeep.

Beards represent virility, power, and masculinity. At Trident Beard Co., we understand that beards are more than merely an accessory – they are a way of life.  The commitment and care that a well-manicured beard requires demands the highest-quality products made from the most exceptional ingredients on the market.  Trident Beard Co. is committed to delivering superior products that deliver extraordinary results for professional men living the bearded way of life.  Each product is extensively tested, vetted, and reviewed before it ever reaches our clients.  As beard advocates, we are fully committed to providing outstanding products, advice, and service that helps our clients get ahead in their professional lives by delivering incredible beard and mustache grooming products direct to their door.

They say you should dress for the position you want, not the position you have – and at Trident Beard Co., we believe your beard is an integral part of your overall aesthetic.  From balms to combs, trimmers to salves, and everything in between – Trident Beard Co.  is your key to getting your beard ready for the Board Room.