How to Keep Your Beard Professional

How to Keep Your Beard Professional

As more professionals don a beard, people are beginning to notice the difference between those of us who groom and those of us who don’t. You want to look business professional, not ready to wrestle a bear.

It could take months to grow a beard, and for some of us, years. During all that time your beard is getting beat down by the sun and dried out in the shower.

Whether you have a beard or are growing one, you should be adding a couple steps to your routine to make sure it looks good and keeps growing strong.

This is how you groom your beard and keep it looking professional. 

Beard Grooming Tips

I’m sure you’ve noticed you don’t look too good in the morning— someone might say you were struck by lightning. This is what we call a morning beard.

But don’t panic. You don’t need to walk into the office and have everyone know what side of your face you slept on. There are some quick things you can do to get your beard back in shape.

  1. Shower
  2. Comb
  3. Oil/Balm


You don’t need to wash your beard every day, in fact, you shouldn’t wash your beard every day. Beard hair can easily dry out and when it does, it’s a lot harder to manage.

Just run some warm water through it, scrub it around a little, and you’re good to go. When you do decide to wash it, don’t grab your regular shampoo. Grab some beard shampoo made from natural ingredients, none of that industrial detergent you’ve been scrubbing on your head.

The best beard products will contain natural oils like argan or jojoba. They’ll help condition it and get it ready for grooming.


All you’re trying to do is give it its general shape and smooth out the tangles. Doing this will make it easier to apply product, making sure it gets from your tips to your roots.

You should invest in a soft wooden comb. Cheap plastic combs are sharp at the ends and rough around the edges. This could damage your hair and cause it to look frizzy. The best beard combs are handmade. They won’t damage your hair and are more comfortable to use.

Combing your beard is also a good way to keep it growing the right way. It could help prevent ingrown hair and is also great for keeping your beard out of your mouth.

It’s a small step, but you don’t want to skip it.

Beard Balm and Beard Oil

Beard balms and oils are a must for getting that professional look and maintaining it throughout the day. Without it, your beard is going to look worse as the day goes on and you will constantly have to comb it back in place.

Look for something with natural oils. They pack powerful benefits for hair health and are also going to keep it looking fresh. If you are growing a beard then this is essential for the awkward in between phase of having a beard and not having a beard.

Once you have some, here’s how you use it. Apply a little in your hands and be careful not to over do it. Work it through your beard making sure it gets the skin underneath and then reach down to the tips.

The tips are the oldest part of your beard and are going to be in the worst shape.

Style Your Beard

If you’ve done all these steps, then this should be easy. All you have to do now is use your comb and shape it.

A hair tie or hair clip is also a good idea if your beard is a lot longer. It’ll keep it out of your food and out of your work, so you won’t have to worry about it during the day.

Make Your Beard Your Business

Beard care isn’t going to add a lot of time to your routine, but it is going to make a world of difference. You should know how to care for your beard because it’s going to give a better impression to your clients and everyone you work with.

Use beard care products to keep yourself looking business professional.